Thursday, February 11, 2010

Original Macross On Hulu After All...

Okay. In only a few brief posts, we have revealed that I'm a scatterbrained curr when it comes to a blog like this, but now readers will stumble upon another closet fact..I can be an idiot at times.

Yep. Turns out that Superdimension Fortress Macross is indeed on Hulu, and in BOTH Robotech, and original (albeit more recently dubbed) editions! Leave it to my lack of checking on the pull down tabs to find this little piece of info out.

The dub exhibited here was done a few years ago by the folks at ADV, and is perhaps the best possible job done with this 80s classic. Also worthy of note is the unprecedented casting of songstress Iijima Mari, who originally played the iconic super idol Lynn Minmei in the original 1982 production, making this version a real family affair for fans new and old.

Again, I must restate my love for this series, and hope this move by Hulu will introduce it to a whole new battery of admirers.

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