Monday, May 10, 2010

Clarity From Piles Of Ash

Just a quick arrow, pointing out a new post that had to come out sooner or later involving the current state of the Japanese animation industry here in the US, and abroad. Undoubtedly something that's been on everyone's mind since a certain blog post set the fan sphere ablaze not too long ago. My findings and feelings on the matter can be read HERE.

There is definitely more on my mind concerning this as well as on the burning keyboards of many greater minds within the entertainment business & blog worlds. Most fascinating have been the recent guest appearances on the last several episodes of the ANN Cast.(the most damning one being this one...Seriously worth the full listen) Most recently, this culminated in the podcast appearance of Bang-Zoom's own Eric P. Sherman who's candor helped clear up the fiery rubble from which his blog post caused.

The blame can only go so far, what truly matters now is where we go in this new paradigm. And hopefully from all this solutions can be born because as it stands now, we may be seeing something a lot worse than the early days of anime on VHS. Evolution can be a painful process, but I'm willing to bet on optimism as long as both sides of the Pacific cooperate in keeping the japanese animation art medium alive with creativity and shrewdness.

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