Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Near Decade Of Restless Dreams: Silent Hill 2 on Combo Attack!!

And yet, it all feels just right..

The latest edition of the cross media culture podcast, Combo Attack!! features an at times astonishing look into the darker corners of the video gaming experience. Joel, Alain and I are joined by film CG Texture Artist/Modeler, Krystal Sae Eua for what is easily my favorite episode thus far as we talk up current habits, upcoming stuff, and get up to our bleeding eyeballs in that oh so special place called Silent Hill. Finishing out our October series on a pretty high note, this is a 90-minute plus, super-episode filled with insight into the world of a unique gaming experience, and perhaps a little on what has happened to games of this ilk since SH2 debuted on the PS2 nearly a decade ago.

Technical issues aside, this was a great show to put together, and I'm proud to share it with all my fellow creatures.

Go Here For The Episode & Link Here For More Fun!

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