Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Up For Missing Out?

In no way is this news any compensation for the fact that I'm likely missing the L.A. concert event of my year with YMO/Cibo Matto at The Hollywood Bowl, but the thought that much of my anime convention time is set to be monopolized by two unusual high-tempo import concerts means that it's time for me to prep for what'll likely make for an interesting report. If there has been any flicker regarding guest appearances at this year's Anime Expo, it has got to be the news regarding its musical battery which includes two out-of-the-blue L.A. debuts. Strangely, these are two acts that I have a) been listening to on and off for well over two years, and b) would never in a million, ever considered seeing them on these shores.

First will be the Yuki Kajiura borne project Kalafina, which consists of three vocalists in a wildly dramatic mix of anime-infused energy, and gothic melodies. Having originally been created for the Kara no Kyokai series, the project has grown into something of a beyond the medium powerhouse who have also provided songs for the recent tv hit, Puelle Magi Madoka Magika. There is a flare for the grand scale that is truly impressive, and as exhibited by this clip, something of a terrific live presence as well.

Secondly at Nokia Theater, comes the even less likely concert appearance, even if they are not even human. The growing legend of YAMAHA's VOCALOID has been something I've been closely following since roughly 2007. And while I still regard reigning software icon, Hatsune Miku are something of the Sharon Apple Beta Version, there's always been something of a grand curiosity within me to witness a virtual concert for myself. And now, it looks like the aqua-haired chanteuse will have her first US audience, and there was no way I was to miss something so singularly surreal.

For those still not familiar...

Again, how these in any way make up for Sakamoto, Hosono, Takahashi, alongside Buffalo Daughter & Cibo Matto, I have no idea. But there is enough potential for excitement and curiosity for this particular party.

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