Sunday, November 20, 2011

State Of The Kaijyu: Prelude To Revolution

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and not a turkey in sight. (Lest you consider a belated session involving The X Files: I Want To Believe, anyway) With the weather bearing down on many of us in the So-Cal area, as well as an upcoming trip to the old hometown, things will likely continue to be mildly quiet around here. Which isn't in any way implying that I haven't had my hands full with new, and old stuff to watch over the last several days. In fact, true to my most recent Anime Diet post, it has quickly become a retro season of sorts for me as not only did I get another chance to look and share thoughts on an obscure 1980s favorite in California Crisis, but a healthy number of titles by way of several sweet sources. Now not initially ready to share about all of them on the Diet (after all, I find that spreading the fun around is a lot more interesting), there will be a few posts regarding a few on these pages. But for now, seriously give that AD post some loving, as I find that it's ambitious one-shot OAVs like those that helped solidify my love of the medium in those oh so physical days of the pre-wired.

In other, mildly online project related news:

Pretty exciting stuff, I feel anyway. After a year of running a show, a part of me is so ready to take it to the next logical tier. Updates as they come(via Twitter, of course!)

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