Tuesday, March 20, 2012

State Of The Kaijyu : Tripping The Life Lulltastic?

Not going to make up any excuses as to my current status. As of this moment, Kaijyu's concentration lies heavily on new stuff I've been able to watch, read, or places I've been able to go. And since the flow of life has remained wildly busy in more than one manner, a big sporadic post here or there will have to suffice until further notice. To be completely blunt, I haven't been seeing much lately that has me charged up enough to write about them beyond the occasional Twitter post. But fear not. There are many new potential posts in the planning, along with reviews and write-ups that have already been submitted to their appropriate places. (Two of which are awaiting release at VCinema-one of which concerns a 1990s favorite that continues to inspire me in many ways.) Not to mention a recent, and very hopeful prognostication piece over at Anime Diet, where I offer thoughts on what excites me most about the coming year.

So for the time being, my Twitter feed will remain as busy as I can make it until time and material frees up. With some more than exciting changes on the roster within the next month, things might begin looking much busier around here, as well as at Cel Count Media. As a matter of fact; count on it. 

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