Thursday, May 3, 2012

State Of The Kaijyu: Finding A Way Out Of Gotham

Well as things slowly begin to stabilize here at the clandestine island labs, it might be within mere days that posting and updates may resume with at least semi-frequency for the time being. Much of which is based on the status of base location, and the possibility that this may change within a mere few weeks as of this. With the Lupin posts, the initial plan was to allow that (and Twitter-naturally) to make the sum of my online presence for a while, but the creature is getting restless yet again, and it feels more than overdue that a few observations, and perhaps a review or two will help keep this URL busy for a while. And since the summer movie season is upon us this weekend with The Avengers, it only felt proper to go ahead and share thoughts.

And while we're at it, I currently can't stop watching the final trailer for Christopher Nolan's finale to his Batman trilogy. Seriously. It has been a long time since a trailer has owned me like this. Slow, melancholic, and ultimately emotional, this looks like the finale I could only hope such a team could accomplish. While it does make me a little sad that James Newton Howard is sitting out the ending, the composition here via Zimmer remains thoroughly engaging, and atypical of the man. Still not sure about how Selina Kyle fits into all of this, but hey I'm willing to play ball as long as Chris and his brother Jonathan are pitching all the ideas. Facing up to not only a terrifying enemy with ties to his past, but also facing up to what he began rooted in his own father issues hinted at via what we see here is pretty powerful stuff. Thematically, this is is the most logical way to close the curtain on this particular interpretation of the mythos, and for me, the most exciting stuff, is what has yet to be revealed- things I'm sure will shock and perhaps provoke to no end..While I may not always make mention of superhero stuff on this blog, there has always been a personal connection I've had with the world of Batman, and I must admit that Nolan's vision of Gotham has possibly become my de-facto rendition, so all of this feels more than a little bittersweet. Not necessarily because it is ending either. But rather that after such a powerful second film, a third never felt truly necessary. So in many ways a third feels like either a guaranteed letdown, or sadistic dare. I really want this to be the latter, as it could fully say quite a bit about our current standing on the national stage, as well as grant fandom some truly unique and eloquent hard lefts in regards to what the comic book film is capable of..But after The Dark Knight, this feels like a high-wire challenge that could only fail, so I'm keeping my hopes cautiously high.

Meanwhile, looking back at an obscure piece of OVA history...I cry..Seriously folks, sometimes anime can be a measure of just what is up with the social norms of a certain country, be them troubling, or sometimes downright horrifying. Both may very well be the case with Blue Flames. Not sure I have ever written a piece under so much reflexive terror and confusion. Possibly an AD post for the ages.

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