Thursday, August 23, 2012


The training has been rigorous, and the pressure points have been memorized.

Been taking a while to return to these pages. And despite the fact that a much-needed explanation (which really shouldn't happen to be completely frank, as living in a new place, and saddled with new work responsibilities has taken up a surprising amount of energy and time as of late) should be in order, it may tickle some to know that a long-considered podcast is very much in the making. The labs have been boiling with ideas. Ideas which seem to be gathering quite a bit of traction for Cel Count Media, and in turn, posting here as well as Anime Diet. Most of which may spend more time talking up nastier shows of the past, as well as the usual cinema pop schtick we tend to celebrate. It has been especially fun exposing the locals here to works I once enjoyed in a past life. Having the opportunity to re-evaluate many of these with older tastes has been truly inspiring, and I can't wait to share them with all. Even ones that can so easily be considered "bad" suddenly carry with them a certain amount of freakish charm that simply isn't found anywhere anymore. The current anime output can only be blamed for this, as I can now safely say that more often than not, it isn't a climate made for me anymore. And while here are winners here and there, there is no substitute for the J-media equivalent to a scuzzy pizza joint in the bad end of town.

So expect lots more leaping back n forth on that time machine, because we're bound to wear that sucker out pretty soon.

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