Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell To Inspirations

I wanted to just go ahead and mark today for a new post, not to share more thoughts regarding the ideas and work behind amazing works of fiction that infiltrate our minds, but rather to acknowledge and celebrate the passing (literally and figuratively) of a singular human icon that made its final pass over the skies of LA midday today. Was pretty much an ordinary Friday at work when the space shuttle Endeavour passed over the workplace during lunch hour roughly around 12:30 PM PST today. Making one of it's numerous passes over the LA/OC area today, I was able to get an ample look at the craft mounted atop an airliner at an impressively low altitude. Low enough to get a good look at the finer details as the suns rays bounced off their mutually sparking frames.

Not merely an unusual sight on a clear Los Angeles sky, but a shining, almost melancholy reminder of humankind's greatest attributes, all well represented in a flight that I'm sure left many with a sense of awe, inspiration, pride, and possibly sadness at the loss of an icon of an age. Of the possibilities inherent in the collaborative best in all of us.

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