Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Kaijyu Dabbles In 3D? (Additional Home!)

As if there wasn't enough text to go around...

Ahoy, fellow connoisseurs.  Just letting all of you know that even as I juggle the Kaijyu, alongside V.Zero, and the occasional blips on Diet, a new garden has begun to sprout over in Wordpress land, which will cover yet another angle to my obsessions. Hobby Yokai, will become home to many a gushing rumination, all in the name of...stuff. That's right, material objects celebrating not merely anime-themed toys and collectibles, but pop culture cool, and even some discussion as to the who's, whats, and where-to-nows of popular media.

Disclaimer: (and now for a little additional honesty!)

This has all come about when my boss at work asked me to create a means to not only spotlight products I'm currently handling, but also gave me creative carte-blanche as to what I would like a hobby blog to be. So rather than merely a showcase for HQ images of plastic moe-gals, I'll be spending time on mementos new and old, strange, and unique while still retaining personal sensibilities.(which means no shying away from the occasional eyesore) Anything from the most awe-inspiring multi-jointed giant robot, to the most obscure 7inch record/book combo for kids, I'll take it on. We may also dig deep into my closet for some potentially embarrassing investigation.

This is essentially one big experiment, but one I hope many will be willing to join in.

No worries, The Kaijyu is still loud and roaring. So many lands yet to be stomped!

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