Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monsters Onward! : Sights & Sounds (Labor Day Weekend 2010)

Things are on full here as the transitional life takes hold once again. But one of the cooler parts of this is the extra time I'll likely have to watching and studying materials for further posts & shows.

And speaking of shows, Combo Attack!!'s take on 1980s video game favorites comes to an at times hysterical conclusion this week. Recorded two weekends ago in Little Tokyo, Welcome To The Pixeldome was easily the closest we've come to an on-location broadcast, where anything goes, and edits were scarce. (And don't miss the musical interludes throughout, featuring the evercool sounds of NVR-NDR! - and...me, having some fun at the expense of a most particular rant.)

This particular weekend was geared more toward recreation than anything, so the roomie and I shot off to various stops in L.A. for Korean BBQ, boba-slushies, and some peeking at pop culture finds! A rare kind of day that will likely be best remembered for the great food, sights and pictures taken. Some know me to not be the most enamored with the facsimile Hollywood fantasy, but to dig deeper, and seek the geeky stuff(especially during a busy holiday weekend) makes it all worthwhile.

Also on the horizon, is an all-new Adventures On Infant Island involving (gasp!) Giant Monsters! Stay tuned for that, and more on the way.

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