Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The End Of This Pilgrim's Journey?

And so sound the viola...or lone acoustic Fender?

That's right, it's time to put another toy back into the box, end the waltz, shovel the dirt. After over three-plus months of reporting about both the comic & movie versions of Scott Pilgrim, it is now time to say goodbye in fitting fashion.

                           This weekend's latest Combo Attack!! podcast, while filled with musings, and explorations of Bryan Lee O'Malley's signature comic opus, obviously left the batch of us bereft of one of the most fun pieces of cross-media to have come around stateside in quite some time, but the guest star of the show makes such a ceremony something for the history books. My buddy & cohort from Adventures On Infant Island, Jenny Park joins the team this time, and gives an entry worthy of the greats as we also celebrate today's dvd/Blu-ray release of the movie

And watch out for extras!

Check It All Out Here!

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