Friday, November 5, 2010

Re: The Sucker Punch Trailer & A Scott Pilgrim Bonus!

Without going into too much detail regarding my er...attitude toward the latest trailer of Zack Snyder's first non-adaptation/remake, Sucker Punch, it just didn't connect (hic) in any way this time. All I saw was a succession of pretty images set to a poorly edited audio track, only made more painful by dead/campy delivery which seems to be either intentional, or a product of Snyder's signature laziness with actors. And considering that Snyder's reputation thus far has been in helping create some memorable trailers, it is quite a disappointment to witness. Perhaps the previous teaser was boosted by using an old club favorite of mine from the 90s? Anyway, from opening setup of our heroine's plight, it is almost completely killed by the obviousness that the acting is going to be this mean hurdle ala Malin Ackerman, again. it is as if Snyder himself regards his actresses almost solely as window dressing, and cares very little for squeezing out any believability, or even emotion fro his performers, which is sad considering the imagery on display. The disconnect instantly works like a scratching LP, it just doesn't work. And with the grand stuff on display, it feels no less like another big budget video game commercial with very little appeal for me. So if that makes me seem like a soulless downer, then perhaps one may be right.

But I just want this guy to deliver something beyond a cool trailer for once, and if this is the best he can muster, I can't help but worry.

So what does it take to start November off with a bang? Celebrating DVD/Blu-Ray release of some cult faves, perhaps? Especially when it is pretty clear that Hollywood had themselves another one of these esteemed few within their grasp late this summer, only to expect it to be a clever blockbuster. Of course, again, I'm speaking of Edgar Wright's adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and just felt like sharing some video I took at an event that took place at the Grauman's Egyptian in Hollywood this Monday to a packed house. Featuring super cool host, Guillermo DelToro and Mr Wright himself, they not only chatted up a storm regarding the geneses of the film, and the kind of obsessiveness required to make such a one-of-a-kind film experience. (Not to mention Mr. DelToro's colorful vernacular that reminds me of family.)

The video here is the introduction from both directors who have a little surprise for us admirers of the film!

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