Monday, January 3, 2011

The State Of The Kaijyu & An Invitation To A Carnival...

Just when it began to feel a little too quiet around here....

Enough with the podcast links and onto something resembling an update here. Well it has been a pretty rough and tumble series of weeks as exhibited by the dearth of new posts on these pages. What with work, illness (still pending btw), and a newly acquired schedule, things were more than a little distant for sometime. Which is why as of this week, things will be a little busier. That's right, we'll be giving you quite a bit of material that I had been hoping to share since the latter weeks of 2010. From more film & tv verbiage, to local events, and Japanese media silly to perhaps even newer forms of bloggy-do. I'm happy to finally be able to stretch, and have an opportunity to present more thoughts on media past & present, and will do my darndest to give it a unique enough spin to keep pals coming back.

As the new schedule dictates, I'm going to do my part to be back in the three to five posts per week habit. And along with everything else going on, this feels like a safe cache of numbers to work with.

So in the spirit of new rhythm, here's this week's Karaoke Crush- [Hey, she was going to be a part of this eventually!]

And perhaps this can put us in the mindset of the upcoming series of posts I have in store this week.

Not sure why I've been in such the mood to explore some of my dusty old vids, but I guess it was only a matter of time when I gave a reliable favorite some discussion on the for now, I leave with you all with a plain, simple, no-nonsense hint.

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