Monday, January 3, 2011

A Near Sixteen-Year Afternath

Apologizing in advance, folks. This had to happen.

Possibly the very reason Combo Attack ever happened has finally surfaced, as we finally have gone ahead and created what is easily the LONGEST show we have on record. It is also one of the most informative,and revealing episodes yet as we explore our own vaults, remembering collective first viewings of Studio Gainax's notorious money printing license-cum rage against the machine, Shin Seiki Evangelion!

Join the gang we they plumb the depths of the phenomenon, and see if the show lives up to its reputation beyond the merchandising, as well as presence on Pizza boxes, and kohii cans everywhere. From creative intent, to failure, to utter triumph, the Combo Attack team & special guest, Michael Huang (of Anime Diet! fame)deliver an impressive 2-hour discussion that offers tons of material to consider, as well as a boatload of the fun one comes to expect from this particular troop of myth junkies.

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