Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: The Year We Made A New Blog

Only a few hours remain of this most fascinating inaugural year of 2010, and it only felt right to share some thanks with all who have braved these pages in search of some of the more unusual dream worlds the Variable Zero family love to indulge in. As much as a more focused central theme may be important, it only felt proper to give a home to not only the cool things happening around me in the visual entertainment realm, but also to some of the quirkier sights and sounds of the pop culture universe. In a time where as Patton Oswalt has stated that anyone can become an otaku of one kind or another, The Kaijyu is becoming a home for both personal hobbies, as well as views on anomalies new and old. Items that perhaps get better exposure in other corners of the blogosphere, but can have room to breathe as objects of study, to see what is it that divides fan from critic. Effort is required in order to make it all special. And in this, I can now see as something of a new year's resolution.

In this, I would love to thank those willing to read on and seek out knowledge beyond this area. If I can in any way help set off discussion big or small regarding the things mentioned here, it works as an echo to me, a means to expand what I wish to do with the site. And even as projects multiply with podcasts (Combo Attack & Adventures), short videos, music, and others, there is and always will be room to make the Wandering Kaijyu a home base for the fringe blobs of color and idea that float around my mind. A sort of filtering depot for inspiring pieces of pop art, animation, and cinematic weird. Without the support of not only you, but of friends and family, this site would be nothing less than another ghost blog with little to say, and less to share. It has been a truly enjoyable first year, and promise an even wilder 2011. So until we meet again in the future...

Keep on stomping....

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