Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Karaoke Crash! : REBECCA

That's right, a new feature that will hopefully gather steam over the next year focusing on J-pop favorites both recent and classic that often become playlist fodder for our occasional trips to the box in Little Tokyo! Another thing one needs to know about me, is that I'm a bit of an old school Japanese pop junkie, and it only makes sense to feature this passion here. So settle in, find your favorite mike, because it's time for another all nighter!

Our first outing features the ever cool, and hopelessly 80s sounds of the launch pad project of internationally recorded singer, Nokko, known as REBECCA. Based on the title of Kate Douglas Wiggin's novel Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm, the REBECCA project was classic J-Pop, decked to the nines in bubble excess and Tokyo cool.

Here's To Friends: (sing along if you wish!)

More Karaoke Crash to Come!

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