Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Combo Attack!!: 10 Years Of Battle Royale

                                                                         It's Here...

Seriously, this conversation has been a long time in coming. The bunch of us at Combo Attack!! finally came together to share thoughts, and reminisce about the unrivaled shock & awe of Kinji Fukasaku's thrilling swan song, Battle Royale. We cover quite a bit, including the concept, characters, origins, as well as some more assorted geekage expected from this decorated trio of pop culture vultures.

A truly fun episode as it was to record, it was a nightmare to edit, but the end result is something I can say is worthy among the very best episodes we've come up with thus far.

BE WARNED: This is a **SPOILER MELEE** episode of Combo Attack!!, so we warn that if one is not familiar to the film, to please catch it when possible. Or, should you be curious as to how audacious the film still is..then by all means.

Fight or Flee?


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