Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Schoolyard Brawl Gone Awry: Project A-ko At 25 Years

For those looking for a barrage of words obsessing over yet another anime favorite might do well to take a peek at my last big post over at Anime Diet, where I shared some long unshared thoughts regarding a wild 80s gem!

"Project A-ko by its very nature, is anime broken down to its most base components, packed with nitro-glycerin for blood, and shamelessness on its sleeve in its wanton reverence for otaku fantasies & lack of regard toward anything resembling conventional narrative. This is a penultimate example of a medium fully at the mercy of a mad group of artists in love with their work. An animator’s anime. All the wild takes, inside-gaggery, and hyperbolic action one expects- and yet in the realm of these seemingly stock-card thin characters, there is a life that veers well beyond the borders of the screen(and possibly bounces off into another universe). We’re talking a film that does for seifuku what 2001: A Space Odyssey does for viewers as David Bowman enters Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite."

For the full review, go HERE!

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