Monday, July 4, 2011

So-Cal Con Weekend 2011: The Quickening

The incense continues to fill the room as the ritual has just come to a close for fans this holiday weekend. From the unprecedented next leap for virtual idols, to hearing about an 80s favorite from its humble genesis, it was a better than average year for this weary junkie. It was especially tricky this year, considering the new kid in town in the form of a fledgling new contender for the local fan event crown. Competition was in the air, and so was a feeling that for all the difficult months Japan has been through, an incredible spirit of admiration and affection remains undeterred- and possibly, ready for great change.

So join us over at Anime Diet for continuing coverage, as well as their Flickr for visual highlights. There's still so much to share & discuss(And don't miss my thoughts regarding a certain digital diva's historic appearance to a packed NOKIA Theater.) as AD's scrappy & diverse crew share impressions, and absorb the energy of a unique double-threat fandom event.

For those still attending what remains of this year's Anime Expo, or perhaps even the adventurous souls who took the plunge a few miles away at AM2, the upcoming pieces being cranked out are dedicated to you.

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