Friday, August 26, 2011

Feel the storm? It's coming..

Much of the east coast is prepping for the worst in regards to an immense all-out water& wind-based assault, all the while many of us on the west are contending with late blooming temperature creep. And all the while, matters here at the base are nearing something of a turning point in the lifetime of the Kaijyu on the web. With work schedule being the way it has been, alongside an extended technological quagmire, it was as if the usual stomping on these pages were becoming little more than a stunted crawl. I'm just here to report that while there will definitely be more to come, it'll be on a front a little larger than previously shared. Starting sometime next month, a new project will seek to better expand upon news and views often shared here, as well as via Variable Zero, Anime Diet, and even Combo Attack. All done with the hopes of presenting content in a much more wildly diverse, and hopefully fun manner. What it is, I cannot reveal just yet. But Just know that the stifling quiet of the last few months is going to come to an abrupt end very soon!

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