Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Riddle Of Detroit Steel

Been doing a lot of catching up with podcasts on the way to, and during work as of late. Finally caught my first dose of the stunning Projection Booth. And boy, did I pick a perfect first peek by choosing...what else? Their epic-length ode to one of my personal favorites, Paul Verhoeven's Robocop! A little side note regarding the film; looking back at it now at 24 years of age, I can truly say that the surprisingly mainstream success of the film was unique for me as this was the first major R-rated film I caught the most times in a theater post-ALIENS. And thinking back to the very first time I caught it, it was with my father, who was as eager to catch it as I was after hearing good word regarding it, and the ads definitely helped. And that first viewing felt akin to perhaps the first time I felt I was experiencing a more adult-geared genre film with the same telepathically shared glee as my dad sitting next to me. It was more than a cool movie, it was a bonding experience. I saw Robocop (count-em) six more times in the theater during the summer of 1987, and loved the film more with each viewing. But that first time with a parent nearby just reveling it the film's madness as the galvanized crowd went wild..Now that's a genre movie memory for the personal books.

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