Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fleeting Fear

The last days of October are rushing by with almost distressing speed, and all the while I'm pretty bogged down with work and stuff to watch. So much in fact, that my annual diet of horror has been left more than a little wanting. And finally having a workable Netflix Streaming setup has run at odds with an unpredictable bandwidth- an unexpected development. Regardless, time will be made over the next few days to drink in a few of the more recent films available on streaming. Some of which include John Carpenter's The Ward, which came and went earlier this year with me unable to catch it. Also recently added has been The Last Exorcist, which has received enough positive talk to pique my curiosity. And speaking of the verité-horror, despite my more rational wishes (again), a part of me feels the need to check out Paranormal Activity 3 after such a strong opening weekend. Something must indeed be working with that kind of haul. And with the two guys responsible for Catfish at the helm, no doubt it should have a unique feel.

Also here to report that a review copy of a book covering the life of one of my original movie inspirations has been in my possession for a little while, and nearing completion. Am currently debating whether or not it would be best to review it in sections, rather than in one post. And seeing as how lunch has been my designated reading time, it hasn't been the most expedient manner to fully digest it. That said, there's a lot of illuminating stuff in it that deserves sharing about in these pages. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for the Attack The Block Blu-ray extras. Oooh yeah..

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