Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bigger Mystery

In the year-plus since establishing the Wandering Kaijyu, it has come to my attention that either I had rushed into naming the blog, or had assumed more folks would be somewhat hip to the gag. Understandably, many have asked whether I had hastily named the blog what I did without doing my homework, or if there was some other significance to the Y in Kaijyu. Now for those who have delved deep into Japanese studies, many are aware of romanization, IE- the means by which languages are transliterated into latin-based sounds. And while I will not go into a detailed lesson here, I will also point out that the most popular latin-based spelling of monster is Kaiju was considered, but a part of me found it potentially fun to personalize it by way of using a spelling of it used in one of my personal favorite films.

                                             Can anyone guess the source?

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