Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For The Curious: 2012 Opening Moves

For the curious, the beginning of this most unique New Year has largely seen more activity elsewhere. And in that regard, it feels a lot like things have started on a more heavy-handed note than initially expected. In the days following the demise of US anime distributor, Bandai Entertainment, a post occurred on Kotaku regarding one of the oldest, creakiest arguments against piracy that essentially tipped me into hyperdrive. Having actually worked within the industry, and witnessing many things for myself, this post was the last I could take of such notions..and thus...Anime Diet became home to something that was wholly unexpected, and has become far more impression-making than I had even remotely anticipated.

And speaking of Bandai,..I think Mike Toole said it best..

In other news, the halls of Cel Count Media are beginning to glow with the warm colors of diversity, as another show entered the fray- and a most welcome return to a show I truly missed!

Join Jenny P. and myself as we restart our journey into our mutual lives as cinephiles from one generation to another with The Double Chop, where our first go-round pitts the lesser-remembered Jackie Chan in America romp, The Protector against John Carpenter's still-infectious paean thumb of the nose to whitebread Hollywood, Big Trouble In Little China! Join our monthly show, as we share personal movie memories, and stack them up against ones we both know we like. Truly unusual, fly-on-the-wall, verite podcasting!

With seeking new forms of employment, my focus is a little out of the realm of heavy blogging at the moment, but it should return at full speed soon enough. Posting will continue to happen when the inspiration occurs. Until then, Twitter is always the best way to see what's currently happening with me, and current projects. With a bit of extra work, and yes luck, things should be back to pseudo-normal. Either way, thanks for the feedback, and dialogue. It is always appreciated.


  1. Looking forward to your upcoming blogs and posts!

  2. Thanks, sir! Really hopeful to begin hitting these pages harder soon!