Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Quest For Iscandar Comes To Greater Streams!

No sooner am I lamenting the occasional connection trouble I have with my streaming Blu-ray player that this news comes bursting to my attention. Turns out that the streaming world has an even greater reason to celebrate, as the classic US version of the Nishizaki/Matsumoto anime milestone, Star Blazers (of course, the series that began as the original Space Battleship Yamato) has now come to BOTH Hulu & YouTube! As mentioned months back upon reviewing the recently released live action adaptation, Yamato in Star Blazers form was the spark that captured the imagination of a young monster, as well as an entire early generation of anime lovers. For so many, it was this often enthralling allegory that helped the anime medium gain a reputation as something ready to tackle feelings and issues far more sophisticated than the typical animated TV fare.

This is also noteworthy as Yamato will be experiencing a full scale revival this year in the form of a new series primed to start showing in Japanese theaters! So get in on the docking bay. See what all the hubbub is about. Don't miss this show!

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