Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smoky, Yet Alive..

Reporting with signal cleared up yet again, and with tale of a most troublesome brush with a killer. Was a battle one could only run across whilst traversing the more treacherous corners and byways of life on foot. And with an enemy who's claws detach with intent to linger long after an attack. But keep in mind, that it is a killer. Not a killer of life, but rather a killer of time. (although, many may argue both being of the same ilk) A beast known for incapacitating some of the more resilient of our species. Bombarded by the best weapons imaginable, this creature finally found itself defeated and well assimilated into the Kaijyu like so many before it.

So yes, this flu was a bit of a monster.

Can't say I had ever experienced anything like it in my lifetime. And even though hospitalization was never deemed necessary, the convalescence and requisite fighting that it took to ward away symptoms was significant enough for a year's worth of job-delaying illness. More than grateful to be back among the world of the living (even though it was quite refreshing to be confined to more than one home, reading, typing, and exchanging ideas with others equally as infected for a few days), and eager to begin sharing thoughts on a great many things viewed again. So keep eyes and feelers lively, the true monster has returned, and boy is it ever hungry!

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