Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rekindling The AMV Flame

One would think that with classes at an end for the semester, that things would become far more frequent online. Well yes and no. With all of the activity in the real, it's still been a challenge to keep affairs in perspective here. But as it stands, there has been many a bit of fun to have found in between. One of which has been a rekindling for my love of editing, whether it be in the form of trailers(real and fanmade), experimental shorts, and anime music videos. It still stuns me how much they've advanced as a hobby since the days of VHS, and their showings at not only cons , but local rave shows. And with the access to programs such as After Effects, they have only grown more creative, and celebratory than ever before.(perhaps even to a point of complete, comprehensive reinterpretations of favorite shows and films) It's a wonder what some can do with an idea, some great program chops, and a lot of perseverance.

As for an old favorite:

In terms of the classics mixed with a kicking rock score, this particular take on Otomo's masterpiece is damn impressive.

Flash forward several years now...

Cowboy Bebop fans, you've gotta check this one out.Very appropriate for that series, as well as the film's tone. Almost spot-on perfection.

As a longtime lover of Studio Ghibli's films, this intensely creative piece is a little godsend.

Woow..Thanks Mr.Ebert! There's just something so very right about that one. Pretty much nails many of my RL pals to a tee, it's damn funny.

Now while this one can come off as more than a little one-noted, it's just nice to show off a little more for a show which I think really received a raw deal here and aboard. Seriously. More people should look forward to the US release of Higashi No Eden (Eden Of The East) TV.

In terms of relentless, wan ton eye candy, it's been hard to shake off the trailing after effects of this dizzying piece which I'd like to winkingly dub, Anime Diet THE AMV! (Best If Viewed Loud & In The Dark)

And sometimes there comes a film that inspires someone to truly utilize all the tools accessible, creating not only an exceptional mix of sight & sound, but an almost entirely self contained narrative on its own. This one was beguiling from the first minute and continued to win me over through to the finale. Fantastic work all around celebrating the great, great Mamoru Hosoda film, Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time).

It's just awesome to be in a time where the appreciation can be seen & multiplied in endlessly new and wondrous ways. Here's hoping the creators of these works move on to create stand out works of their very own. I know I'd be curious to see what they produce.

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