Sunday, June 6, 2010

Podcast To The People! (Vote, won't you?)

Friends. Readers. Followers All. We're entering a whole new realm for the Kaijyu by diving a little deeper into podcasting, and we need your help! Contrary to what many would vehemently argue as common sense, we have decided to combine the efforts of three often kept separate fandom circles.

a) a lifelong superhero comics fan...

b) the veteran video game lover...

c) the anime/film hand...

We've decided to shoulder the responsibility of placing all three into the fray to see what comes out. Whether it be great or absolutely off-putting is not for us to say at this point. But as old friends, as well as respectively different breeds it only felt right to share these three viewpoints onto a much bigger forum proving (hopefully)once and for all that the three could in fact co-exist, and do so quite well without some kind of figurative bloodbath..

Okay...well, there may be a splat or two...

And this is where you, the readers, come in

We've thrown out some prospective titles for our show, and in the spirit of this all-inclusive concept, we're giving you a chance to vote out a winner! We've whittled a large mass of names into this small selection, and we'd love to see what you think.

The Candidates:

1. Knights Of Mythopia

2. IconoCast

3. Media Brigade

4. Combo Attack!

Be a part of Kaijyu history. Vote in the comments below, or message me at !

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