Thursday, July 1, 2010

AX Anxieties & Anticipation

                                                           Crap! It's HERE.

So yes, this year's AX is going to likely be a strange one filled with marketing, cosplay, & many happy reunions. But most importantly, much more visual than last year's battery fail-laden excursion. And even as I may be missing the bulk of the weekend's big tickets (Click Here For The Painful Reaction), it still feels more like a normal con than I had been concerned it wouldn't be. With so many things in the air regarding the future of the anime industry, it should prove fascinating if word comes through from on high that things are not only evolving from the newly embraced streaming business model, but that perhaps the medium has a little more on its plate than the apocalyptic talk hovering around as of late. As everyone has seen , things are not so different from what Hollywood has been resorting to as of late, and it isn't looking terribly like that's going to sustain everyone in the long run. So with this, I hope that folks from both the creative, administrative, and even press can congeal enough thought to provide some much needed ideas.

And here I am again, unable to start the con from the beginning. Something which is perhaps just as well. The combination of work situation, marketing talk, new videos, and podcast preparation, it has been a little mad around here as of late. But it all culminates this month as AX tends to be ground zero for many of these activities. It's just a tricky thing, balancing both work and play in an event that for years was merely a playground for me. Much has changed over the years.

That said, I'm really looking forward to sharing some memories from the convention. Perhaps a few chats & video will be involved, so stay tuned for updates!

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