Sunday, July 4, 2010

AX2010: Mementos In Image Volley No,1

So much to transcribe, edit, write, retouch, upload and share regarding the weekend's festivities, so I'll do my part to just say that Anime Expo 2010 was a mixed event, but filled with a rare sort of vibe. The kind that is finally willing to embrace the now, and take some much needed risk amidst a crumbled market hampered by sameness & safety. A reality check has been in the needing for some time, and it's nice to see that clearly on so many faces. It's a pretty decimated, yet strangely exciting time. One of great promise for sure.

That said...onto the pics, featuring V.Zero's own resident icon, Miss Kiyomi Park! (An entire set is in fact coming- the whole bloody affair is huge, and will likely disperse throughout here, Anime Diet, as well as Hobby Yokai, so keep those links ready!)

                                                              A terrific Toradora! pair.

                  Possibly the cosplay I was most seeking out this year. Shinra & Celty from Durarara!!

Busiest day is still Saturday.

                              The almighty Exhibit Hall, while light on presence, was still quite busy!

                                                Okay. How can you go wrong with good ol' Dan!?

                                                      A great pair of Katamari kids!

   An unprecedented crowd at the Artists Alley!(integrated Comic-Con style within the Exhibit Hall this time)

                                Kiyomi in a time warp! Where's the frickin' TPDD when you need it?

The time rupture was massive, eventually the equipment was found beneath that pile of Jimmy Eat World CDs. (Great Haruko though.Image Courtesy of Kiyomi Park)

The culprit of this particular time crime was found, and was promptly dealt with. The Kiyomi's brand of justice is perhaps best kept a mystery. (but trust me, it's pretty frightening)

 No sooner that the criminal been managed and subdued, another timequake occurred with slightly more erratic results. What're you gonna do?

Again, there will definitely be more news and commentary regarding the event. Seriously, I haven't even posted my personal favorite images yet. So stay tuned here, as well as on Anime Diet & Hobby Yokai!

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