Friday, July 9, 2010

Basking In The Ember Glow

Still recuperating from a week of settling back into work, as well as writeups on Anime Expo, but it felt peaceful just long enough to put a spotlight on some house objects scattered about.

At the moment, trying to set aside time for some fun editing for something hopefully very fun this weekend.

With Anime Diet, columns like Bridging The Gap, Otaple Talk, and Analog Diaries will in fact be continuing very soon. As of right now, I'm formulating where AD is going specifically. Just so many memories in that particular pool to dip from, it was really tough to pick a single one for the next post. And Otaple Talk is definitely something I'd love to do more of in the near future. Always a fun time to help better meld the 2D vs 3D in strange, hopefully revealing ways. As always, BDG is perhaps the one most closest to my heart.

Perhaps now would be as good a time as any to remind readers that The Kaijyu will again be in the audio form within the coming weeks. As time zero stands at almost night, I can best sum it all up by saying that the planning has been as good as is possible given the technical limitations we have. So I guess I just want folks to know that even if the first few episodes begin with a scrappy feel, we are aware of these and hope to have a final format & maintenance system down. Until then, I hope we can offer an insightful look at pop culture events large and small from three wildly diverging viewpoints. In the past several weeks, it has become crystal clear just how different the three of us are. And in this, the hope is that we can cover an impressive range of viewpoints, and maybe, just maybe...offer something altogether new in the podosphere (is that even a word...yet?).

Also very overdue is another Infant Island Podcast, which should reemerge very soon. The Kiyo and I have been incredibly busy with watching and discussing shows old and new. And I'm certain that we have a memorable one for our next show. This is one that is a little easier to produce as (surprise!) it's all in house with us here at The Cube. As for when, it truly depends on our respective work situations before a new installment can become a reality.

So on one level, I'm a little relieved that con season is almost over, and the new anime season seems to be under way. Whether it'll be fun, or another dark, tarry abyss remains to be seen. (the guys at Diet have been getting some peeks, and seem to like a few- personally I just want to see Occult Academy)


  1. Oooo! I'm looking forward to new audio Kaijyu. Let me know if you would like to use any of my music for background or anything!



  2. OoooHH!!!!! Dude. I would be so honored. We'll see how the first few episodes pan out, and perhaps something will happen!