Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan's Quake Crisis & What You Can Do To Help!

Never expected to post something to this effect on the Kaijyu pages, but it seemed only right. Even if these pages are normally dedicated to works of fantasy and speculation, there is no denying the importance of very real events that potentially affect us all.

My Twitter feed last night (Pacific Time)was pretty much filled with the normal, even after the sizeable temblor that had happened a day before, but it was soon replaced by reports of something far larger, and has consistently become a disaster of near unimaginable proportion.

I won't go into the details that Twitter and other independent news sources(including ordinary folks with devices, braving through what is clearly a terrible time) have valiantly shared, but the earthquakes/tsunami malestrom that has rocked Japan over the last few days (leading to a terrible 8.9 quake, followed by smaller, yet significant ones in Nagano & Niigata as of today) have left not only hundreds to thousands dead or missing, but many of us in the sphere racked with worry. There is no simple way to describe the sheer helplessness I've been feeling since this began to unfold. And since Twitter and Facebook have been good at helping get word out to others where phones are inoperable, and to help folks find their families and loved ones, it seems the best that can be done for the time being.

And this is where you can help. Many services, including the ever wonderful folks at the Red Cross are accepting donations Go Here.

Google has a people finder Here.

Should you wish an alternative to Red Cross for donations, please consider Global Giving.

Also worth looking into is ShelterBox, who have a pretty clear cut system.

Here are some Emergency Numbers & resources to consider Here.(also includes available shelter information.)

For additional Japanese phone carrier service info: (keep in mind, phones have been troublesome, with twitter being one of the best means to keep in contact)  Here.

As for live coverage, as much as I've valued NHK, and Al Jazeera, Yokoso News has been tireless, and consistent this whole time.

I appreciate your patience, and also hope you take the time to consider helping the people of Japan.

Stay updated via Twitter & share info there should you know anything! So many of us would appreciate anything you can offer. This is me being thoroughly real with you all, it would mean a lot to me.

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