Wednesday, March 23, 2011

State Of The Kaijyu: Causes & Effects

There are only so many more delays left before these pages begin to populate themselves again. With the current home situation, coupled with some very in the air changes likely, it has been foggy at best to find time to share more material with everyone. But this isn't to say that nothing has been emanating from the labs as of late. Some are already well aware of my involvement with Anime and Manga Bloggers For Japan, a venture that has seen  collaborative efforts culminate in some truly impressive numbers for something that started after a few fellow writers threw their hat into the ring to support those in need of help throughout the Tohoku/Kanto areas.

And in a time when the news has placed great emphasis on the nuclear concern (which is a reasonably big worry for sure), it only felt natural to also place efforts into assisting those on the ground without proper care, supplies, and food. In league with NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders, and Shelter Box, the project started by D.Orihuela Gruber(of All About Manga) & Michael Huang (of Anime Diet), has made significant contributions toward this still ongoing cause that affects us not only as lovers of eastern popular culture, but as human beings. My role as part of the continuing news section while periodic at best, is hopefully some kind of help for those looking to better understand the situation from a more local standpoint.

Having friends and colleagues still on that side of the world helped me better understand the enormity of the situation long before corporate media could even muster a proper say to the western public. And despite the fact that a majority of these friends live in more southern-based regions, there were a few not too far from Fukushima, who have thankfully left. However, there are still many friends of friends still nearby, who have taken to places only slightly further away. This doesn't erase the concern for the many still out there with dwindling supplies, less than adequate facilities, and access to better help. Which is by and large it felt only right to invest a little inquiry here and there to gather information where possible.

At the moment, the current instability of my own life has paled to what I've seeing and reading over the past two weeks. So if I can help offer some clarity to those looking for something a little different than what the usual suspects offer, I will. And again, as of right now, the noise of news has slowly begun to die down, but the crisis across Japan continues on with supply issues, contamination worries, as well as stories of courage and tragedy. Twitter has been an enormous resource for updates, news, and opinion on all of this. So for those looking for more news, I highly recommend looking through many of the names I follow there. And NHK has been as great a source of info as any. In this age of democratized information, and diversity of news access, it can be overwhelming to some. Even I must admit to being borderline frayed at the edges with the incoming of data. So perhaps this spate of volunteer work has been my own means of better seeking a mental foothold. And on that front, it has been one fascinating, albeit emotionally exhausting ride.

So for what it's worth, I hope you will join us and continue to spread the word. This is something larger than us, and if there was ever a great reason to give back to a people who have inspired us so, this is it.

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