Tuesday, March 15, 2011

L.A. Becomes Japan Rescue HQ (In real and virtual!)

After a few days to allow the feelings of horror and loss wash over me as Japan experiences the single greatest disaster the nation has experienced throughout the post-war period, a feeling of restlessness has taken hold.  Over the last few days, I had been using Twitter and Facebook to sift through much of the western media's general ignorance of events in order to help keep friends and followers informed of life as it struggles in Japan, as well as share news of efforts being made to assist. And like many readers, I myself cannot help but be lulled into thinking there's no better option than to just curl up into bed helplessly as the drama unfolds, but not only as a fan of world cinema & animation, but as a fellow human being, my conscience would not allow me to bundle up just yet.

It should be more than clear at this point that the recovery effort taking place, particularly in the northern region of the country will be a protracted, difficult undertaking. So many routes have been compromised, making supplies, food, and energy a challenge to move. Not to mention the ongoing efforts to search for missing family members cut off from traditional communication methods. The Tohoku quake, and aftermath is a disaster of immense proportion that must be regarded delicately, and with all the informational clarity possible. This way, the collective efforts of not only those affected can flow smoothly, but the options we have as caring parties can assist those in need work ceaselessly.

This is the kind of effort that will likely affect all angles of daily life for years to come. And this is where we come in....

And thankfully due to the efforts of some local anime & manga names, here are some great ways you can help!

Firstly, I'd like to offer massive kudos to Daniella Orihuela Gruber of All About Manga for instigating the ambitious Anime And Manga Bloggers For Japan project, which offers two lovely options for fans to donate. FirstGiving's ShelterBox & Doctors Without Borders are among the services selected to help, and are ready for your donations.

                               So if you've yet to do your part, or just wish to help more, please do.

Secondly is what is shaping up to be a fantastic event at Meltdown Comics in L.A. this Thursday evening; Voice Actress, Stephanie Sheh & friends (including Troy Baker,Wendee Lee, Richard Epcar, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn & more anime industry names) host WeHeartJapan  

An art show/auction event featuring some great works by Sawdust Bear, Cathy Clark, Brett Jackson, and a great more to be announced. For more details and updates, please go to http://www.weheartjapan.com

And for those of you unable to attend, please consider Anime And Manga Bloggers For Japan.

Thanks again to you all for your thoughts during this difficult time. And stay tuned to my Twitter feed for updates should you wish. 

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