Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Hiatus ala Anno?

Sorry folks! Been caught up with life such as it is. So in lieu of a barnburning new post regarding a new piece of media that has me helplessly attacking the keyboard, I give to you this well-produced, mildly amusing parody of the classic Shin Seiki Evangelion series, courtesy of Konata Productions (who also remind you to support the original creators, GAINAX, as well as good ol' Funimation!)

Gags ranging from the new scripts, musical, visual, and even unintentional, this is a modestly fun new way of looking at the anime milestone. Yay, internet!

Here are the first few installments:

Episode 02

For more, please follow Konata Pro on Youtube!

Special Thanks to the guys at Anime Diet for pumping the hell out of this.

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