Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The State Of The Kaijyu (August 31st, 2010)

Well it looks like there may be a great deal more happening on these pages than previously for a while. In between occupations is not a bad place to be, and it also offers many a great opportunity to reach deeply for some above caliber material. Not a bad challenge.

But until that happens, there will likely be more than a few brief-shots occurring here than usual. Getting acclimated to this new schedule is going to take a little time. Steam will gather for sure, but just as a calm before the storm, I felt it best to make a note to not only my fellow readers, but myself as well. The events of last week couldn't have been more polar in extremes, so this only makes sense. One moment we're celebrating friends, and expressing in a myriad of method, the next, a major inspiration vanishes from view, and leaves the mediasphere (Fans & creators) in a most uncertain place..Perhaps it is time for a long neglected recharge of battery.

And on the same token, I will also likely have some more goodness happening at Variable Zero (since this is one of the very best places for me to work things out on a less intellectual level). And of course, Anime Diet will remain host to some of my stranger rants. There are still some vivid memories, and concerns to tend to on that front for sure. In a time when High School Of The Dead comes off as the one show not to miss, you know I have to chime in somewhere.

Also looking out for pals, and keeping up the daily on Twitter. Quite often you'll find me up to some mischief there, as well as sharing some of the most unusual findings too tiny for a mere post here. All in all, I'm still very much around, and there is a fun little review coming very soon. And hey....how about some podcasting? The latest episode of Combo Attack!! is the first of two incredible (albeit terribly informal-fair warning) shows featuring some love for seriously old school arcade games, and consoles. (and btw- check out my co-host's new blog for more dives into oceans of geek.)

Oh, heck. Let's just share this unique event right here. 

So yes. Plenty happening, and will accelerate as time allows. But give the other options a spin. I'll do my part to make them worthwhile.

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