Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Island Of Dub Crimes pt. I (Inspired by Analog Diaries III)

Ah, hell. So much for leaving it alone.

Since I went ahead and opened up about my early days as a fan of japanese animation, and have gone ahead and begun chronicling some of the highlights/travesties of the early days of anime dubbing, I figured it'd be nice to share a few old, terrible faves. (Keep in mind that localization of foreign productions is an often tricky, but necessary business in some respects - heck, I'm even privy to making pals with some english voice talent. It is a cool extension of the acting profession, and have no intention of taking anything away from them. That said, we have come such a long way. ;)

So...let the carnage begin!

Ooohh dear. Starting with one of the silliest, yet oddly catchy vocals of "Cross Fight!", the funky mecha-sentai hybrid of Dangaioh! is done no favors with this particular treatment.

For those who never caught the often-hilarious dub for Macross: Do You Remember Love? Here is a bigger gift for curious parties.

In the words of a certain protocol droid, "Oh dear.." some NSFW action courtesy of the scathingly terrible, yet hopelessly entertaining Go Nagai-based opus, Violence Jack! Hide the kids!

Ok, so wanton questionable language and senseless violence doesn't always mean comedy royalty, but the unnecessary use of the F-bomb, among other things is a signature of Manga UK's often VERY entertaining dub jobs. And their take on Itano's OAV favorite elevates it into classic-town.

And what likely takes the comedy gold for this particular entry? Dude. There's no question. The treatment given to Tomino's OAV mess, is the kind of bad that makes gods blush.

Of course, in a place like this noone comes out clean. Japanese productions have been long infamous for some of the most atrocious english ever committed to celluloid!


  1. Wow...just...wow. That's some BAD shit right there buddy! ::Laughs:: Still, I'm really glad you put it out there! It's comedy history, you know?

  2. Hey. There's plenty more where this came from. I have years of scars to work out!Prepare for more on some undisclosed date in the near future!