Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooler Than Box Office (Celebrating Scott Pilgrim @ Giant Robot!)

In a long awaited, long in the action trek taken on a sunny Saturday afternoon, our trip to Sawtelle's ever great Giant Robot (Store Location 2) is something that was both surreal, and heartening to see unfold. The occasion (unless you haven't been reading these pages lately) was in order for fans to stop by, line up, and welcome GR's special guest, Mr. Bryan Lee O'Malley. Fresh from the Scott Pilgrim barrage that has for better or worse scoured the web over the last several weeks in the two-fold celebration of the release of Pilgrim's penultimate volume, as well as Edgar Wright's groundbreaking live action adaptation, the man wa gracious enough to stop by for a book signing, as well as a little surprise at the finale.

Thing was, despite his scheduled signing window of 5 - 7pm, as of 4:30pm, the line looked like this...

Yeah, and with that sun overhead, there was definitely a micro Comic-Con vibe when well over a hundred fans are willing to be out there for as long as they were in order to just say hi, and share appreciation for O' Malley's loveable Torontonians, and their wacky world.

Of course, had I remembered that GR2 was to be that exposed to the rays, I would definitely have brought on the SPF since I'm an ultraviolet lightweight.(Oh, well. I guess I brought the backpack for a reason)

The wait began the moment we arrived, and upon moving with the serpentine line, the enormity of this event, coupled with the sheer love of Scott Pilgrim began to take heartening dimensions as the up to six layers of line that eventually formed behind us. All this, in the sun (even with several younger fans with their parents at their sides) was a great alternate version of what many would consider the atypical fan crowd, as the diversity was more than gobsmacking, adding layers to the comic's impressive crossover appeal.(despite what the box office horserace would rather imply)

It was about 7pm when we finally had the opportunity to make it into the store. With a line remaining as far out(if not further than it had been when we started) giving credence to the thought that in these days of budgetary constraints, and increasing corporate control, the indie comic world seems to have its champion with a flaming sword, and a fistful of pixelated dreams...

The events of the day:

                                     (O'Malley with Buddy & Infant Island Co-Host, Jenny!)


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